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ExTeam Season 5 Episode 3 + new modules

01 de Diciembre, 2014  ·  Files
ExTeam Season 5 Episode 3

[Server Info]
GS and GSCS Imported into one server 
Maximum stats: 65535 
Chat separated from the experience of 
Cash Shop: Support Exellent & Ancent sets 
support 15 sets 
Currency Loans - in development 

Calculator chars 
Setting all buffs 
Drop settings 
Settings's Event 
Setup pets 
Setting damage to the siege 
Setting flow arrows elf 
EhPoint for killing monsters 
Ancent items Exellent 
Exellent Items socket 
Ancent Socket Items 
Ancent Harmony Items 
Setting the droop with Goldie 
Command Setting 
Settings PvP 
settings of all skill 
Setting Gens Faction 
And the default settings for the server 

Blood Castle 
Castle Deep Event 
Chaos Castle 
Devil Square 
Castle Siege 
Illusion Temple 
Double Goer 
Imperial Fort 
moss Merchant 
Golden Archer 
Golden Invasion 

Each member of the party can take it 
Transferring party team / partyleader "nickname" 
when you disconnect the party is not broken
Offline Attack System - Command: /offafk
Offline Trade System (Zen,Wcoin,ExPoint,Credits) /offzen, /offexpoint, /offwcoin
Reconnect System
Credits Coin System
Drop Event
Lora Battle Event (PvP)
Evangelion Event
Team Vs Team Event (PvP)
Block Move Item Settings
Chaos Mix Manager
Drop Zen Map Settings
Reset System
Grand Reset System
Item Drop Manager
ExQuest System
Pack and UnPack Jewels
Standart Drop Settings
Experience Map Settings
Premium System (VipSystem)
Talisman System
New Wings 2.5 & 4 Level
Price Manager Settings
Block Move Map for Reset Settings
WCoin, Credits, eZen For Online Custom
Settings Arena Life Item
Jewel Of Exellent
Jewel Of Divinity
Jewel Of Luck
Multi Vault Custom /vault 1-5
Zen Coin Module
Happy Hour Event
Grand Item Module
Visual Bug Fix Attack,Life,Mana 65535
Distance Viewe module
Hp Bar Module
Rudolf Pet Search Jewels + Zen
Castle Seige Skill Work Other Map
New Chat Wind
Speed Bug Fix








MSSQL: 2000 & 2008 Data Base

Serial: 1qve7Lcvdhk3Rysq

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