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MuServer 97d99i Beta 32 - Marry, Quest System & Sky Event! by Darksteam

19 de Marzo, 2015  ·  Clientes
[Beta 32 Changelog]
Brand new VIP System - Hot!
Advanced npc buffers configuration file (+ability to add them in every map, change npc's ids, ability to limit them to vips only, min/max level, resets, grand resets) - Hot!
Added ability to enable/disable /questinfo command
Added ability to change how blood castle award players (all party players or just the player who completes the quest)
All player commands now works with the brand new vip system. You can now limit the commands to vips only.
Advanced map system with safe zones! Yes, you can finally create non pvp, pk free zones. - Hot!
Game Masters can move using /move <map name>
Added a check if the player will exceed the maximum amount of zen (2000000000) when selling, being rewarded in event or when picking up zen). No more bugged zen. - Hot!
NPC's can no longer be killed using hacks
Added ability to set (and show) Sky event's required item name
Fully translated file with additional correction
Completely rewritten GM system. All known bugs fixed
Advanced character stats system. Now you can limit strength, agility, vitality, energy per class - Hot!
Drop system completely recoded. Working way better now
Improved /add command, integrated to work with the new character stats system
Attack Speed is wrong log removed
Added ability to completely disable gameserver logs
Potions usage delay added
Zombie pvp hack blocked
Added ability to allow killers to enter devil square, blood castle and use shops
Anti twisting slash use without weapon check added
In case of missing custom sql columns, the gameserver will attempt to automatically add them now
Huge performance improvements
[Beta 31 Changelog]
Webzen Mu Game Server is already Running fixed
- Sub servers support added
Patched all startup error logs

[Beta 30 Changelog]
Option to check if inventory is empty before reset - added (2 types, 1 = check equipment only, 2 = check whole inventory)
Option to clear inventory after reset - added
Elf greater damage & defense buffs duration options - added
Drop command can drop kris
Party exp options fixed (party bonus event should also be working correctly now)

Reduced sql queries
[Beta 29 Changelog]

Minor fixes
Added support for excellent items in shops - Hot!
You'll have to update your shop files by adding an additional 0 on each item

[Beta 28 Changelog]
Checksum crash fixed
More performance improvements

[Beta 27 Changelog]
English translated gameserver
Sky event hotfix

[Beta 26 Changelog]
Character/guild leave without personal id - fixed
Trade hack - blocked
Guild notice sql injection - fixed (directly in gs).
Pk bug - fixed (limit of 100 kills - removed)
Post command delay option - added
Spoof hack - blocked
Disconnect hack detection - improved
Trade with npc crash - fixed
Sky event - improved
Quest system - improved. No more crashes & negative quests, hopefully.
Elf arrows will no longer decrease (and then increase) when DecreaseElfArrows is set to 0
Happy hour event - improved
Performance improved by 80%, sql queries reduced by 60%
2nd level wings success rate option - fixed
Advanced Blood castle reward according to the room level - added (example: bc1 - box+1, bc2 - box+2, bc6 - box+5)
Mana shield maximum percentage option - added
Npc buffers (swell of life, mana shield, elf buffs) - added
/pet command - added
Swell of Life (bk buff) formula options - added
Post command color #3 fixed
Skin command blocked skins option - added

[Beta 25 Changelog]
CheckSum crash - Fixed
Little corrections over the EventManager

[Beta 24 Changelog]
Critical bug fix

[Beta 23 Changelog]
Anti bad symbols in character name - Added - Hot!
Unique map system (pk free, non-pvp maps) - Added - Unique!
Allow/Disallow pvp in sky event option - Added
Little corrections in quest system

[Beta 22.2]
Some little corrections

[Beta 22 Changelog]
GM Login notice - Added
[Move System] Required resets to move - Added - Hot!
[Move System] Required grand resets to move - Added - Hot!
F.O Items support in drop system - Added
F.O Items support in Quest reward - Added
F.O Items support in Sky Event Reward - Added
Sky Event Respawn - Fixed
Sky Event Min players option - Added
Sky Event credits reward - Added
Quest System Exp & Levels reward - Fixed
All other reported bugs - Fixed

[Beta 21 Changelog]
New Commands: /skin, /gg, /banpost, /unbanpost, /banchar, /unbanchar, /reload, /evo & /grandreset

Brand new Quest System (with 15 new quests) - Hot!
New sql connection
Unique drop system - Hot!
Updated Event Manager
Sky Event - (Download the new client) - Hot!
GM System - Hot!
New Move System (game masters should use /gmove name map coords) - Hot!
Blood Castle Ranking
Golden Archer
Auto bugged stats fix on login
Trade System
Anti Disconnect Hack - Hot!
Anti Vault Dupe - Hot!
Anti Guild Crash - Hot!
PvP / NoN PvP Support - Hot!

[Client Updates]
1. With this client you can start the game directly from main.exe
2. Added a cell in Icarus for Sky Event

- :: Custom Commands :: -
/post, /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /pkclear, /reset, /grandreset, /marry, /acceptmarry, /tracemarry, /marrystatus, /divorce, /getmarry,
/time, /exit, /buy, /sell, /online, /clearinventory, /moveall, /vault, /questinfo, /skin, /gg, /drop, /banchar, /unbanchar, /banpost, /unbanpost, /reload, /evo, /pet /buyvip, /vipinfo

- :: Custom Events :: -
Happy Hour
Party Exp Bonus
Sky Event

- :: Other Customs :: -
Custom Item Drop System
Game Master System
News System
Unique Quest System
Move System
Trade System
Event Manager
Golden Archer
Blood Castle Ranking
Auto Bugged Stats fix on Login
Map System
Advanced Map System with zones - Unique!
Advanced Blood Castle Rewards - New!
NPC Buffers - New!
Support for Excellent items in shops - New!
Ability to completely disable gameserver logs - New!
Advanced Character Stats system - New!
VIP System - New!
Over 300 Custom Config Options

- :: Security :: -
Anti Disconnect Hack
Anti Guild Crash
Anti Vault Dupe
Anti Bad Symbols in Character Name
Anti Guild Notice Inject - New!
Anti NPC Trade Crash - New!
Anti Trade Hack - New!
Anti Zombie Hack - New!
Anti Twisting Slash Hack - New!
:: Downloads :: -
Base files:
Beta 32 Patch:
Full client with Sky event cell in Icarus:!LxZWFLBb!WJ2AP_...9z1JzpQFzWBJIo(ip in main:
Npc+Shop+Monster+ Is Fix Beta patch 32 Working 100%
SkyEvent 1 Hours Editor

Darks Team
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