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Web Engine 1.0.7 PL1 incluso soporte Zteam

19 de Marzo, 2015  ·  Webs
With WebEngine 1.0.8 out for my current customers, I am pleased to share with you guys WebEngine's 10th private release: WebEngine 1.0.7 PL1 (patch-level 1).

Feel free to ask any questions regarding the CMS. Even tho I might not have a lot of time to give support to everyone, I will do my best to help you out in case you encounter any issues.

Features (outdated):

WebEngine's default template preview:

- MD5 switch (on/off)
- [1.0.6] PayPal & SR API's hotfix applied
- [AdminCP] Master Level editor
- Exclude characters from rankings
- Give VIP at registration
- Hide inactive usercp modules
- Added support for non-standard SQL port (dblib)
- Improved registration SQL queries
- Improved login SQL query
- Improved password change SQL query
- Email verification message phrases fixed
- [AdminCP] Ban system (permanent/temporal)
- [AdminCP] Cron job reset button (clears all cron timers)
- Facebook like and share buttons added to the news
- Repaced DISQUS comments system with Facebook comments
- Realtime server time
- Realtime CS banner countdown
- CS banner countdown is now relative to the user's time
- Contact Us module
- [AdminCP] New registrations list
- [Fix] Guild mark logo binary to hex config added
[1.0.7 PL1]
- Password change/recovery emails showing wrong date (reported by eynnad)
- Password change query fixed (reported by KREATOR)
- Guild marks colors corrected (thanks eynnad and KREATOR)
- Encryption library now uses the config encryption_hash (16 characters recommended)
- Removed encryption on version check (admincp)

Who's using WebEngine:

Required PHP modules / extensions / settings:
  • mod_rewrite (apache)
  • short_open_tag = On (php.ini)
  • php-openssl
  • php-bcmath
  • php-pdo


  1. Make a full backup of your MuOnline database.
  2. Download the WebEngine release package and extract it.
  3. Run all the SQL queries provided in the release.
  4. Upload all the CMS files to your host.
  5. Make sure the following directories and files have write permission (chmod):
    • /includes/cache/*
    • /includes/cache/news/*
    • /includes/config/*
    • /includes/config/modules/*

  6. Configure WebEngine's configs (/includes/config.php)
    • encryption_hash must be 16 characters long to prevent PHP errors.

  7. Setup WebEngine's cron to run every 5 minutes (/cron/cron.php)
  8. Login to your admin account and configure WebEngine's modules through the admincp.
  9. Create a new cronjob using the admincp for /cron/server_info.php (this is for the sidebar stats)

Download (no mirrors please):

Default template PSD's:

Lautaro (Developer)
PHPMailer (for their awesome libraries)
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