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10 de Mayo, 2018 · Webs

WebEngine 1.0.9

WebEngine 1.0.9
Codigo Abierto

WebEngine is now licensed under the MIT license:

Lista de cambios: (prox traduccion)
[Core] reorganized webengine core
[Core] config.php file removed and replaced with webengine.json (configs)
[Core] webengine configurations are now loaded directly through json file
[Core] encryption class removed
[Core] added website configurations check
[Template] updated default template
[Template] added bootstrap cdn
[Fix] fixed minor issues throughout the engine
[Fix] fixed guild profile logo display
[Improvement] guilds ranking will now display list even if score is 0
[Security] added error handling in ranking modules
[Improvement] added gens ranks configuration
[Core] rankings class optimized
[Improvement] added increment rate configuration to buy zen module
[Security] added filter to check user input on amount of credits to exchange
[Improvement] added content check on downloads module
[Fix] fixed castle siege banner not displaying guild logo correctly
[Fix] fixed castle siege module not displaying guild logo correctly
[Fix] fixed link to guild on castle siege module
[Api] added new api for version check
[Core] added support for formatted language phrases
[Improvement] removed direct credit display in myaccount module
[Security] added error handling and optimized most usercp modules
[Improvement] optimized server file support system
[Template] donation logos updated
[Feature] added paymentwall donation api
[Fix] fixed issue with voting system not allowing username identifier in credit configuration
[Other] faq module removed
[Improvement] RewriteEngine turned off in admincp and api directories
[Core] moved languages folder to includes directory
[Core] moved cron folder to includes directory
[Template] navbar is now configurable from a json file
[Template] usercp is now configurable from a json file
[Template] template settings file removed
[Core] functions moved to single file at includes folder
[Core] added language debugging
[Template] added login box to sidebar
[Template] added youtube video block example on sidebar
[Template] added facebook page block example on sidebar
[Api] added server time api
[Api] added castle siege countdown api
[Template] created main.js for template javascript
[Core] added server time php configuration to webengine core
[Core] removed deprecated pagseguro library
[Core] added missing configurations for change email module
[AdminCP] added missing module for change email configurations
[Improvement] change email now allows disabling verification (not recommended)
[Core] added missing configurations for forgot password module
[AdminCP] added missing module for forgot password configurations
[Security] patched possible sql injection hole
[Security] added current credit check when subtracting credits (credit system)
[Feature] added new VIP library for IGCN compatibility
[Improvement] added new display configuration for credit system
[Security] fixed login system not terminating inactive sessions
[Improvement] install setup completed
[Improvement] added support for recaptcha v2
[AdminCP] database connection settings are now editable from the admincp
[AdminCP] website settings are now editable from the admincp
[Improvement] email system now detects server name automatically for email subjects
[Improvement] list of excluded characters from rankings is now at the module configuration
[AdminCP] admincp access list now editable from the admincp
[AdminCP] admincp modules access level is now editable from the admincp
[Improvement] server name variable now loaded by default on all emails
[AdminCP] usercp menu can now be edited from the admincp
[AdminCP] added language phrase list module
[AdminCP] navigation menu can now be edited from the admincp
[Core] removed build id from version check api request
[AdminCP] favicon added
[Core] updated phpmailer library version 5.2.23
[Improvement] added json extension check to installer
[Improvement] changed php version comparison function on installer (native function)

  1. Suba todo el contenido del archivo ZIP a su webhosting
  2. Ejecute el script de instalacion /install/install.php

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